Will Supply Chain Issues Sink Your Revenue in 2023?

Here’s a simple economic truth: You can’t generate revenue if you can’t ship product, and it’s difficult to ship product when your supply chain is interrupted.

Production slows and new product launches are delayed. The serious impact these delays have on stock prices and corporate earnings has elevated the discussion of supply chain risk/reward analyses beyond operations and production management.

Get it right and you’ll beat your competition to market, gain greater market share at the highest margins and reap the maximum rewards.

Get it wrong and you’re stuck with NCNR (non-cancellable non-returnable) excess inventory that could force you to sell for pennies on the dollar on the open market.

Either way it’s a big gamble.

Given the risks, who in your organization is willing to issue POs to your component supply chain for a three-year forecast at 100k/month, or 10k, or even 1k?

Your design engineer? Your purchasing manager, product marketing manager, or material program manager (MPM)? Your director of operations, CFO, or CEO?

Given the stakes, how can you change the odds in your favor? How can you develop accurate forecasts for securing vital supplies in a global electronics economy where semiconductor lead times can exceed 52 weeks?

In this climate it doesn’t matter whether you partner with a production CM, internal supply chain staff, or a development partner like NPI Services. The C-Suite executive must have trust in  his/her products and team to issue the NCNR material PO for 2023-2025 components.

The solution?

Call your dedicated project manager at NPI Services for  ROM (rough order of magnitude) quotes. You’ll receive P&A on critical components comprising 80% of product costs, allowing you to more accurately evaluate the costs of your supply chain investment.

Right now, forward-looking customers developing better forecasts for 2023 understand the strategic importance of placing orders for advanced materials now, which is why they depend on NPI Services to secure highly allocated devices.

Our 25-year track record of solving challenging supply chain problems for new products is one of the core competencies that sets NPI apart from other mass production electronic contract manufacturers.

Contact us to learn how NPI can help you expedite your product development and help secure your future.