What’s in the Box Build?

As the temperature drops and the calendar flips to its end, children around the world are wondering, “What’s in the box?” While your kids may wish for the newest PlayStation, you are wishing for different electronics; the integrated circuit you need to manufacture a critical CCA. Unless your organization has magical flying reindeer on your payroll, you’re experiencing the challenges brought about by the strain on the global supply chain. Simplify your manufacturing process by having NPI Services’ experienced team of buyers solve your toughest sourcing challenges. Then trust us to manufacture, assemble, and test it to your specifications. When it comes to full box builds, we’re giving Santa Claus a run for his money.

For over two decades, customers have trusted NPI Services with their critical manufacturing needs. Some take the relationship even further having us provide the housing, cables, labeling, testing…the works! Each of our experienced lab technicians boasts a wealth of experience. From precision machining, to cabling suitable for spaceflight, to seeing the defects that most inspectors would miss, our team has seen and done it all. We have certified IPC specialists for IPC-A-610 (inspection), IPC J-STD-001 (soldering), and NASA-STD-8739.4 (crimp, cable, and harness) ensuring your box builds are of the highest quality. Our two technicians have more than a half-century of experience between them, so you can expect the highest level of workmanship.

NPI’s agility and responsiveness make us the people to call when your project specifications can change at any time, but your deadline won’t budge. Cutting out levels of middle management and corporate red tape, NPI offers full turnkey electronic manufacturing, assembly, testing, and more from the convenience of a single purchase order. Not to mention, we work fast. Request a quote online and you’ll hear back from us within two business days. Should you have any questions, feel free to call us and you’ll be sure to speak with a real person, right here in Costa Mesa, California. While our workmanship is top notch, what sets us apart from the pack is our commitment to over-the-top customer service.

Much like Santa’s workshop, we have been working around the clock to meet our customers’ needs. Our first and oldest customer is still one of our most active. Facing production and sourcing issues worldwide, they decided to flip the outsourcing script and have us manufacture, assemble, make cables, label, and test their CCA tester to ship to East Asia. Clearly, from their perspective, our agility, expertise, and precision are worth more than whatever money they might save by attempting to manufacture in East Asia. We’ve always been your reliable quick turn partner for all your purchasing, fabrication, and assembly needs. But, this holiday season, give yourself the gift of peace of mind. Trust NPI Services with your complete electronic manufacturing needs: fabrication, assembly, inspection, housing, cabling, testing, and more! Unlike Santa Claus, NPI Services delivers all year long.