Want MAXIMUM Profits? Quick Turn Assembly Matters. (September 25, 2013)

Undoubtedly you’ve heard the phrase, “Time is Money.” It applies to all in business today. But as new technologies quickly develop, and with them new products, another phrase is just as relevant: Time is Market Share and Maximum Profit!

For newly developed products, when manufacturing is outsourced, an electronic contract manufacturer (CM) can make or break your expected financial return. How so? With today’s ever-shortening product life cycles, the time from R&D development to market launch must be quick and effortless. Competitors entering the market before you will certainly affect YOUR bottom line. Early market entrants reap the highest returns because when markets mature, gross profits rapidly decline, due to increasing competitive pricing pressures.

Your CM directly affects your product’s time-to-market. Production CMs might shine when given clean BOMs without delivery issues, but when presented a typical R&D BOM and documentation package that’s riddled with part number discrepancies and long lead items, they typically “die on the vine”! With a focus on R&D and low volume production, NPI Services absolutely knows the importance of time-to-market and the success it brings to customers.

NPI specializes in quick turn electronic assembly. Below are just some of the benefits from an NPI partnership:

  • RFQ response in 48 to 72 hours: typical for PCB assemblies.
  • Rapid prototyping in days: not 4 to 8 weeks as usual from production CMs.
  • Faster time-to-market: NPI solves DFM and supply-chain issues quickly.
  • Prototypes that work: NPI’s experienced team and the quality system ensure prototypes are built to spec and SOW compliant.
  • Maximum flexibility: NPI offers multiple turn times to best meet your budget and schedule needs.

If the bottom line is important to your company, NPI needs to be part of your team. Call us today!