New USB Type C Scores an A+ at NPI Services, Inc.

Part of the excitement at NPI Services, Inc. is serving clients that are industry leaders using the latest developments and components. Currently we have a project using the new powerful and user-friendly USB Type C connection. Users of type C cables and connectors will no longer need to keep track of which way is up nor which end is which! This convenient symmetry combines with speed and unsurpassed functionality, and it is compact enough for ultra-thin modern devices. Bidirectional communications, charging, control, power management, and power delivery are all supported by full-featured Type-C connectors, eliminating a multiplicity of cabling.

The USB Type-C Cable and Connector Specifications Revision 1.0 were released August 11, 2014. Our client was one of the firms that contributed to the specification work group. Visit to download the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Revision 3.1 Specification zip file, which includes Type-C Cable and Connector Specifications.

Refer to these documents, copyrighted by the USB 3.0 Promoter Group, for the full story you need to incorporate the latest features and functions in your designs. You will find all the types of cable assemblies using a Type-C Connector, from Full-Featured Type-C to legacy assemblies to connect to USB Revisions 2.0 and 3.1 with any type of A or B connection. The capabilities of this new standard in cabling and connecting inspire a host of new product possibilities!

When you’re ready to go, we’re ready to get you there. Our excellent relationships with our vendors help us get you what you need faster, whether it be the latest components or old hard-to-find parts. When Quick Turn Matters, call NPI Services!