Need a Trusted EMS Provider to Place YOUR Xilinx Virtex 7s?

With long lead times and unit prices over $5000, companies treat their Xilinx Virtex FPGAs like gold (and for good reason). The stakes are high when assembling with cutting edge semiconductor products, and time is of the essence. A low yield off the assembly line could mean thousands of dollars in scrapped material, and delays in time-to-market.

With this much at stake, it is important to partner with an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider having the proper experience, equipment, and training to populate Virtex FPGAs. For many years NPI Services, Inc. has been placing complex FPGAs from Altera and Xilinx for our customers. We recently delivered boards to a customer that had four Virtex-7 FPGAs on the Bill of Material (BOM). NPI Services provides machine placement for BGA/CSP packages down to .3mm pitch. We also ensure all assembled BGA/CSP packages are properly soldered with X-ray inspection, and upon request, can provide these images with your board delivery.

The Xilinx Virtex family is used in applications ranging from 10G to 100G networking, portable radar, and ASIC prototyping. The value of using Virtex chips in your application lies in its many features that help reduce BOM costs, reduce total power, accelerate design productivity, and improve system performance and programmable system integration. Contact NPI Services, Inc. the next time you need a trusted EMS partner to populate YOUR Virtex FPGAs.

Photo from Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA VC707 Evaluation Kit