Supply Constraints? Consider Electronic Contract Manufacturing with NPI Services, Inc.

Utilizing electronic contract manufacturing services helps add flexibility to your supply chain. When your Supply Planning team cannot meet their monthly production plans to satisfy your Sales Forecast, it is time to consider adding additional resources. For a fast, low cost solution, look no further than NPI Services, Inc. for all of your electronic contract manufacturing needs. Conveniently located in Orange County, NPI delivers Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) to your door, whether your company is located in Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, or San Diego.

NPI’s focus on quick-turn, high-mix, low-volume electronic assemblies for both prototype and production runs, means PCBAs are delivered in days, not weeks or months. We support a wide range of industries from Aerospace to Medical and more, with expertise supporting programs requiring: ITAR registration, AS9100C, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008 and/or Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification.

The following are just a few examples where outsourcing to an electronic contract manufacturer can help get your supply chain back on track:

Demand spikes –

  1. Your sales team added a bunch of new customers.
  2. Your biggest customer landed a huge contract.
  3. Sales and Marketing underestimated demand for a new product.

Supply shocks –

  1. One of your facilities has been shut down by a natural disaster.
  2. Your internal assembly operation is delivering low yield PCBAs.
  3. Your Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Assembly Line is overloaded, causing you to miss critical schedules.

Supply constraints are costly. They decrease customer service levels and put your company at risk to lose market share to competitors. The next time you need a quick fix to your supply chain, contact NPI Services, Inc. for a quote. We will respond within 48 hours and have your PCBAs delivered to your door in no time. When Quick Turn Matters! Call NPI Services, Inc.

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