Show Deadlines Got You Down? Let NPI Quick Turn Your Demo Products (January 14, 2013)

Another year gone and before you know it, another industry show will be just around the corner. Demonstrating new products at key industry shows is a great way to jumpstart a company’s revenue in the New Year.

NPI continues to support many of its customers whose last-minute engineering tweaks have delayed product completion past internal deadlines. Case in point, a major lighting manufacturer and current customer of NPI contacted NPI as an upcoming show was ten days away and they were without any assembled prototypes.

NPI was awarded a contract and immediately started PCB fabrication. Kitting and assembly followed and a 250 pc prototype order was delivered completely in just 8 business days! The product worked perfectly . . . a great ending to another quick turn story. Let NPI Services, Inc. get you ahead of the game, no matter what the deadline!