Quick Turn Prototype Assemblies in an “NPI Minute” – Now That’s FAST! (June 26, 2013)

How does NPI do it?  Out of stock, long-lead-time components will not just ruin your day, but absolutely kill your delivery schedule.

Meet Critical Prototype Release Dates with Service in an “NPI Minute”

Let’s look at what you typically DON’T get from our competition in such situations, to start with, an alternate source solution!  At NPI Services, a thorough BOM review and detailed delivery analysis of every line item is standard fare.  As a result, when our competitors typically would say: “I’m sorry, but it will be eight weeks for this component,” NPI responds: “We found a second source solution to your eight-week lead-time component, and it’s in stock; please review and approve.”  Problem solved and schedule maintained!

           Combine this with NPI’s typical quick quote response of 48 hours for standard electronic assemblies, compared to 1 to 2 weeks from our competition, and you are on the FAST track to starting your prototype run, and quickly receiving assembled product.  So, whether it’s an R&D prototype or production pilot run, don’t let slow quote responses, or worse, poor material management from your current CM, hold up your electronic assembly schedule.  Pick up the phone and call today!