PCB Assembly Testing Service

Test Services for Circuit Card Assemblies

At times, prototype and production builds may require test services to meet a level of test to be performed prior to shipment. This may entail basic functional testing, power-up testing, or perhaps post-assembly failure analysis, essentially troubleshooting an engineer’s R&D design if it’s not performing to its functional specifications. NPI Services has the printed circuit board test equipment and trained staff to perform such a variety of post-assembly test services for its customers.

NPI’s PCB Testing equipment list includes:

  • Tektronix (MDO4104-6) Mixed Domain Oscilloscope/Spectrum and Logic Analyzer

  • Tektronix (FCA3020) Timer/Counter/Analyzer

  • Tektronix (DMM4050) 6 ½ Digit Precision Multimeter

  • Tektronix (PWS4205, PWS4602) Programmable DC Power Supplies

  • Tektronix (AFG3251) Single Channel Arbitrary/Function Generator

  • Hubbell (HD100) Hi-Pot Tester

Circuit Card Assembly Test Services include:

  • Basic functional test: Customer supplied test procedure/script. NPI will verify and document product performance under controlled test input conditions.

  • Power-up Test: Validate PCB design integrity…no opens/shorts exist.

  • Troubleshoot PCB layout: If issues exist, “ohm out” PCB with power applied.

  • PCB failure analysis: Utilizing customer supplied schematics and assembly drawings, NPI will perform “top level” circuit design testing to determine failure mode.

Environmental and Analytical Test Services

Product reliability under adverse conditions is of particular concern to Mil-Aero manufacturers and the defense industry as a whole. Coupled with RoHS compliance concerns among manufacturers looking to penetrate the European marketplace, NPI’s portfolio of test services includes Environmental and Analytical testing, with a focus on reliability assessment and chemical testing. Listed at right are several test services available in each category. Contact us for your PCB assembly testing service in California requirements.

Reliability Assessment Test Services


  • 3- Axis Random Vibration

  • Thermal Cycling/ Thermal Shock

  • Temp/Humidity

  • Heat Soak/Burn-in

  • Drop/Shock Testing up to 6,000Gs

  • Single Axis Sine, Swept Sine and Shock Testing

Chemical Test Services

  • C – Ion Chromatography

  • FTIR – Fourier Transform Infrared

  • XRF – X-ray Fluorescent Microscope

  • SEM/EDS – Energy Dispersive Spectrometer on Electron Microscope

  • HPLC – High Performance Liquid Chromatography

  • GCMS – Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectrometer

  • ICP – Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer

  • WEEE/RoHS compliance testing, lead and hazardous materials testing

By utilizing test services such as those above, NPI can improve your products reliability and help solve process and field failures.