PCB Layout – the Devil’s in the Density

PCB Layout

Whether it’s phased array radar for drones or an AESA radar on the F35, one thing is common, miniaturization of supporting electronics continues to be critical not only on those, but on almost every piece of electronic equipment in today’s defense arsenal.

NPI currently supports a retrofit project for the F18 fighter that requires expertise in ultra-dense layout and routing skills.  NPI’s CAD service team is tasked with this ultimate HDI PCB layout challenge. PCB designs with 250 to 300 pins per square inch are considered on the high end of pin counts for many designs; however, this board really packs it in with a density of 600 pins per square inch!

The layout involves “pins on top of pins” and of course micro-vias abound, throw in a 20+ layer stackup and you have the makings of a “Picasso” in the world of PCB Design and that’s just the start for NPI.   After we complete layout services, NPI, an Electronic Manufacturing Services Company will with its professional Project Management team and extensive supply chain relationships, fabricate the PCB to the latest Mil-Spec standards, procure all required components, and assemble the final product in record time.

When Quick Turn Matters and your current PCB Layout resource doesn’t “dabble in density”, please contact NPI, your one-stop shop for all your prototype and low volume production needs.