PCB Layout Design Services

PCB Layout Design Services
PCB Layout Design Services
PCB Layout Design Services

The Challenge

Meet the dynamic requirements of next generation CAD services

The NPI Solution:

NPI's vast experience in complex PCB Layout Design Services

Our PCB CAD design partners have a wealth of experience in PCB design and layout. Their technological expertise includes High-Speed Digital, HDI, RF, Analog, Mixed Signal, Backplanes, Flex & Rigid-Flex Circuits, Power Supplies, DDR4, PCIe GenX, VPX, Vita, SAS, USB 3.0, SoC, 5G Mobile Networking, 100G Ethernet, Cavity Boards, 56G PAM-4, Wire bonded (flip die), 28 Gbps NRZ, 25 Gbs Serdes, IoT.

CAD Tools:

Schematic Capture: OrCAD, Allegro Design Entry HDL, Mentor Xpedition PADS Logic, Altium Designer
Layout: Cadence Allegro, Mentor Xpedition, PADS PCB and Altium Designer.
Mechanical CAD: Solidworks, ProE, AutoCAD, Intralink and Windchill
Signal & Power Integrity Tools: Keysight ADS, Ansys HFSS & SIwave, Apsim RLGC, HSpice

NPI CAD Services:

  • PCB design and layout
  • Logic and physical library generation
  • Schematic capture
  • Auto and interactive routing
  • Signal integrity simulation and analysis
  • Power integrity analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • Mechanical CAD
  • Valor NPI / DFM analysis
  • PCB data base conversions
  • GERBER to CAD regeneration

CAD Deliverables:

  • Complete CAD data base
  • Gerber files
  • ODB++
  • NC drill tapes
  • Full fabrication and assembly documentation
  • Standard and customized reports
  • Input to automatic assembly and test equipment
  • Laser plotted artwork

CAD Market Segments Capabilities

  • Commercial (IPC-2221)
  • Military (Mil-Std-275)
  • Backplanes 
  • Power Supplies
  • High-speed digital
  • Analog / low voltage
  • Mixed signals
  • RF
  • Space
  • Automotive

NPI Services, Inc.’s PCB CAD Expertise:

  • Multi-layer
  • Double sided
  • Blind / buried vias
  • High density Interconnect (HDI)
  • Surface mount technology
  • Fine line
  • Flex and rigid-flex boards  
  • Multichip modules
  • High speed design
  • Backdrilling

NPI Services, Inc.’s PCB designers adhere to the latest design rule guidelines on all PCB layouts for optimum performance and signal integrity. Issues receiving special and professional care include:

  • Board materials
  • Layers order, line distribution, & topology
  • Impedance control (single-ended & differential)
  • Routing sequence
  • Termination
  • Cross talk avoidance
  • Shielding and decoupling
  • Signal length control and matching
  • Stud removal (backdrilling)

Both reliability and cost concerns drive PCB layout design services guidelines to emphasize DFM with special attention throughout the design specification process to:

  • Reduce number of layers
  • Reduce number of vias
  • Reduce number of holes sizes and via types
  • Accurate land pattern generation
  • Parts placement and routing appropriate to the assembly and reflow methods used 
  • Ongoing cooperation with selected PCB manufacturers
  • Plan and secure PCB fabrication material supply chain

Contact NPI Services, Inc. to discuss your PCB Layout Design Service needs.