NPI Sponsors ARCS® Scholar Peyton Paulick (November 20, 2013)

Biomedical Engineering Doctoral Candidate Peyton Paulick

NPI’s continuing support of education to foster excellence in science, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship has reached a new level in its sponsorship of ARCS® Scholar Peyton Paulick. Since the early days of the “space race” 55 years ago, the ARCS® Foundation has presented achievement awards to college scientists, to help them stay the course during their years of research. Https://Www.Arcsfoundation.Org/Orange_county/

NPI is excited to support Peyton Paulick as she continues her doctoral program in Biomedical Engineering at UC Irvine. Her Ph.D. work focuses on the development of innovative and improved hearing aids. Hearing aids worn in the ear canal amplify air-conducted sound, but user satisfaction is low because of serious sound quality issues including feedback. Surgically implanted hearing aids provide good sound quality; they drive the tympanic membrane directly rather than by amplifying air-conducted sound. The quest is for hearing aids that drive the tympanic membrane directly but are worn in the external ear canal. View an excellent abstract of results of this exciting research as published in the peer-reviewed journal Otology & Neurotology.Http://Journals.Lww.Com/Otologyneurotology/Abstract/2013/01000/Investigation_of_a_Novel_Completely_in_the_Canal.23.Aspx

Peyton Paulick’s work has included medical devices other than non-invasive auditory prostheses. She completed her Whitaker Foundation International Fellowship grant at Ludwig Maximilians Universität München (University of Munich) which included developing a device to gauge the human pupillary light reflex. She has also been awarded a National Institutes of Health NIDCD Graduate Fellowship, Eugene Cota-Robles Graduate Fellowship, and the Prosperitas Ideas to Action Award in the Business Plan Competition at Paul Merage School of BusinessHttps://

NPI Services, Inc. is proud to support and be associated with such a hard-working and accomplished research scholar. Sponsoring an ARCS® Foundation Scholar is a great fit with NPI’s values of supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, and expanding interest in the field of biomedical technology.