NPI Specializes in Real-time EOL Obsolescence Analysis to Aerospace Clients

COSTA MESA, Calif., June 10, 2008 Media Press Release
NPI Services, Inc. recently implemented a new supply-chain service for customers in search of technology road maps for their leaded Bill of Materials (BOMs). A need for this service is apparent as numerous aerospace and defense customers continue to inquire about our approach to supply-chain issues from the global shift to RoHS parts, according to NPI staff economist, John Osowski. One of the main problems customers experience with the RoHS shift is their semiconductor suppliers are not properly notifying them of product End of Life (EOL) / Life Time Buy (LTB) notices. This miscommunication causes production shortages that force companies to make design changes creating unexpected re-qualification costs and schedule slips. Through NPI’s proactive approach to supply-chain management, customers are well aware of any product obsolescence issues months and even years in advance.

Many semiconductor manufacturers are moving away from leaded parts entirely and only offer RoHS alternatives because stocking both leaded and RoHS parts is costly. Other tactics used to discourage customers from seeking leaded parts is the combination of long lead-times with an increase in price. NPI experiences this issue on a regular basis for both active and passive components when quoting distributors and manufacturers direct. A common response is that leaded components have a large Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and lead-times upwards of 26 weeks, while the suggested RoHS alternative is either in stock or available within six weeks with no minimums.

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