NPI Services Supports ARCS Scholar Chloe Groome

NPI Services has been a longtime supporter of the ARCS Foundation. The ARCS Foundation Orange County supports and nurtures young American women and men in STEM related graduate programs at UC Irvine. The ARCS Foundation presents achievement awards to college scientists to assist them during their years of research. For two years NPI has proudly supported Chloe Groome and her graduate research.


Chloe graduated early with a B.S. in Physics from UCLA in 2015, got her M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering at UC Irvine, and is now pursuing a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at UC Irvine.  In addition to her intensive study schedule she finds time to contribute cool science content to Sandra Tsing Loh’s NPR program “The Loh Down on Science.”


Chloe works with Professor Regina Ragan to investigate single atom catalysis with quantum chemistry computer simulations. Single-atom catalyst systems maximize catalytic performance while minimizing or completely replacing the use of expensive metals such as platinum in hydrogen fuel cells.


Prior to her research, she has spent some time at an electrical engineering lab, aerospace company, physics lab, and found her way to Materials Science. Chloe believes that “we can do better science now by talking across fields and we can do better science in the future by engaging and inspiring more people to start.”


Ragan Group – Materials Science and Engineering | UC Irvine

Member: Chloe Groome