NPI Services Goes Hollywood (December 10, 2012)

Under the bright lights of a movie shoot, action scenes seemingly never stop, as does the video camera equipment filming them. Enter scene 1, a major high tech camera manufacturer rushes a video camera’s RF board that failed on set to the board manufacturer for immediate repair. Luckily, the RF board manufacturer had recently been introduced to NPI Services and all of NPI’s quick turn assembly services. An immediate call to NPI was made requesting quick turn assembly repair that included the installation of an HDMI connector.

Enter scene 2, NPI’s 4 hour turnaround for repair of the RF circuit board assembly not only allowed filming to continue with minimum delay and cost impact, but also enabled the RF board manufacturer to maintain its committed high level of customer support and service. If prototype, production or even repair assembly service is what you need, call NPI today. That’s a wrap…and another Hollywood happy ending!