NPI Services Inc. Caters to Its Clients!

A favorite analogy that NPI Services, Inc. founder and president Judy Greenspon uses when invited to speak at educational events is that PCB fabrication and PCB assembly is like making a cake. You need all the right good quality ingredients in the correct amounts and proportions. Measure carefully, follow the recipe, have the ingredients at the right temperature, handle everything according to directions. Bake at the right temperature for the time prescribed, afterwards letting it cool in the pan(s) a few minutes. After that, handling the layers with care, set them out, let them finish cooling. Then you may assemble and adorn your magnificent cake. Great cakes and electronics alike are works of both art and science.

Earlier this year, folks from NPI Services, Inc. gathered for an evening course called Mastering Seafood at Sur La Table in Newport Beach. Chef Sean McIntyre guided us through the process of preparing Seared Scallops with Grapefruit and Crispy Prosciutto, Tequila and Lime-Marinated Chicken Skewers with Cilantro Sauce, Cedar Planked Salmon with Miso Glaze, and Pan-Fried White Fish with Tomato-Balsamic Relish. Preparing scallops was the most reminiscent of PCB assembly because making the perfect seared scallop is a process which is sensitive to the moisture content of its components, and is also quite time-and-temperature sensitive. Chef Gordon Ramsay’s iconic shout, “It’s RAWW” and R-rated variants thereof are disproportionately directed at ill-prepared scallops. But, overdo the cooking, and scallops become rubbery and unappetizing.

Happily, with Chef McIntyre’s guidance, and following instructions with usual careful attention to detail, the Seared Scallops, and, for that matter, everything else on the menu, turned out beautifully! We are still keeping our day jobs, however, and not turning to catering. But NPI Services, Inc. has always catered to it clients, bringing you fast, efficient, and personal service. Your prototypes and products are important “events” to us, and we cater to every need you have to make your event a success, up to and including full turnkey service! May we take your order?

P.S. The key to searing the scallops is to set them out just long enough ahead of cooking so they reach thermal equilibrium, room temperature, that is. Also, pat them nice and dry!