NPI Rockets to the Future at the Space Tech Expo Oct 7-8 2021


The Space Tech Expo 2021 is coming up in Long Beach, CA and NPI will be there! Come visit us to see the latest in the Space Technology Supply Chain. We’re showcasing our newest PCB technologies and services that can take your prototype into an aerospace reality with NPI Quick Turn ease.

This year’s theme is “Reconnecting with the Space Supply Chain.” The conference is focused on innovation and collaboration among Space Technology professionals who share a common interest in the Aerospace Supply Chain, showcasing their involvement in “services for spacecraft, satellite, and launcher systems, subsystems, components” and more. 35+ Keynote Speakers all the way from NASA to Caltech to prominent figures in the Aerospace Industries will be presenting their work in the field as well as share findings in future breakthroughs from investing, conceptual design, manufacturing, and integration all along the Space Supply Spectrum. View the Conference Agenda here:


NPI has been an integral part of the Aeronautic Supply Chain from its inception, in 1998, when we helped design many PCB assemblies used to launch spacecraft, through our Solar System and into Deep Space. As industry pushed the limits of physics, NPI’s services evolved through the years to support those needs. We provide PCBs and necessary lab support subsystems to create Space Propulsion Systems, Space Imaging Technology, Energy Fuel Cells, Space Monitoring Sensors and much more– overcoming the challenges of not only withstanding the intense temperatures and extreme pressures of outer space or rocket combustion– but using our NPI team’s ingenuity to test and validate component materials to be more efficient (such as thermally-efficient Ceramic-Matrix Composites) and the latest PCB design techniques (for efficient semiconductor function) and integrating new findings in Space Flight Design to launch one successful Space Mission after another.


At this expo we’ll highlight NPI’s contribution to the Space Supply Chain through the years. Our clients include several key leaders in the Space and Aeronautics Industry (Commercial, Military, official Space Missions, etc.) who have taken their companies to great heights in the field of avionics, GPS, fuel sensors, RF Units, fuel cells, spacecraft modules, propulsion systems, and much more by partnering with team NPI. NPI’s full turnkey manufacturing services have allowed their products to launch into space, orbit the Earth, fly into and monitor Deep Space through optical sensors, and communicate back with Earth through top-of-the-line imaging technology. No matter how microscopic our NPI Space Industry Components may seem, they play a big part in taking the future of space aviation forward with “giant leaps” for mankind.


This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions about NPI’s innovative solutions for your industry, look through some of the newest designs in PCB technology and meet some of your favorite NPI people! We’ll also be showcasing our part in the Space Supply Chain at our booth with materials, information and much more.

How does it all start with NPI? With our Turnkey Project Management Team, we take care of managing your specifications (whether complying with legal or technical parameters) so you can focus on the creative side of design. We provide services like laying out your Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design, creating low-volume kitting or prototypes for demos, testing for quality, building your boxes, spraying conformal coating and all other aspects of the production and material supply chain. You can be assured our 24 years of experienced Project Managers know your industry and can overcome any challenges to bring your idea successfully to market– and all the while getting there quicker than your competitors because When Quick Turn Matters, customers turn to NPI!


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Visit NPI at booth #7052 and see how to enter to win a Lego Space Shuttle Discovery Set!