NPI Kickstarting Seriously Fun Project at UCI Khine Lab (March 5, 2014)

Research at the Khine Laboratory @UCIEngineering has branched into numerous and diverse applications based upon pre-stressed thermoplastic. The remarkable Michelle Khine, PhD, gives great credit for her research path to her favorite childhood toy, Shrinky Dinks!  In Khine’s nanotechnology lab, graduate students have created fun Inventor Kits for kids, helping them use their natural curiosity and playfulness in ways that promote interest in science. To launch their educational venture, Khine and her doctoral students have launched a Kickstarter campaign, in which NPI Services is pleased and proud to be a major supporter.

Innovation requires long-term vision and quick-turn action. Besides supporting its clients’ innovations, NPI Services supports causes chosen for their vision and innovation, addressing such needs as #STEM education in America.

Visit the entertaining and informative Khine Lab website at and meet the people that make this laboratory such a fertile ground for innovation and research. Explore their research, see research papers, lists of publications and patents, and check out what seriously great things they have fun doing. To join NPI Services, Inc. in support of their educational venture, visit the Kickstarter page,

See also:  UCI students invent science kits for kids by Sherri Cruz of the Orange County Register, published March 3, 2014

A Hundred Tiny Hands is also featured today (March 5) in the World Science Festival Blog Six Great Kickstarter Projects You Should Know About Now.