NPI Helps Nepal See the Light to Rebuild

NPI Services sends our heartfelt sympathy to all the people of Nepal during this terrible tragedy. We join the international community in offering our support by donating solar lanterns with cell phone chargers. We hope our lanterns will shine some light on the extensive rebuilding efforts that the country will endure for quite some time.

On a recent expedition to Nepal, our CEO Judy Greenspon observed creative solutions to the challenges of Nepalese agrarian society. Visit our Facebook page to see a happier harmonious side to life in Nepal. These incredible people have tolerated a harsh life in the Himalayas for generations and will continue to rebuild and restore their lives just as their ancestors have in the past. We wish them an abundance of strength and hope to endure the challenges ahead.

Again we have chosen Kopernik to target our relief efforts. Although not a relief organization per se, Kopernik responds quickly with special projects to meet disaster relief needs in affected areas. The d.light S250 lanterns are distributed in a way that assists the recovery efforts by people with good knowledge of the local needs. For Typhoon Haiyan, the local Rotary Club, which is very active in the Philippines, distributed our contribution of these mobile-charging lanterns. In Nepal, Kopernik has partnered with Empower Generation to distribute the lanterns. We are proud to have helped complete funding for Kopernik’s Phase One emergency response project to light Nepal after the earthquake and facilitate communications. Today begins the distribution of the solar lanterns in Nepal (We love quick turn!).

Phase Two to deliver water filters is currently in the process of being funded.

April 30th UPDATE: Please see our latest correspondence from Kopernik for a status update with links to keep informed and provide support!