NPI Excels at Supply Chain Solutions for Government Contractors

Your management sends you an email about a new opportunity to help solve an RF antenna issue the military has identified in a solicitation. Your research of the last few years could be slightly modified with some new features to meet this need. The program manager convenes with the team of stakeholders to set the program milestones, resources, schedule, but what about the BUDGET, material lead times and other unknowns that could derail the mission?

This is where Team NPI comes in to help drive the supply chain and schedule to get your team functioning prototypes to demo your solution asap. We have been helping research teams with early HW to validate electrical PWBs / PCBs in a large variety of vertical markets since 1998. Our network and industry credibility attracts many engineering teams who may be experiencing staffing shortages or pressure to pull in schedules.

Team NPI is a reliable resource for many dynamic technology companies going through transitions in ownership, management, engineering, supply chain and global production CM partners. NPI’s experienced project managers nurture your engineers allowing them to stay focused on quality signal integrity and fine-tuning the most advanced RF electronic system solutions.

Newly retired Marine Corps Gen. David Berger said, “The Marines cannot afford the current timeline at which the new systems are developed that may take several years of testing prior to deployment.” He supports the Marines having the ability to “test drive” new platforms, tools, and systems after they are introduced and that may be 50% to 70% complete. (Insider Defense 2023).

At NPI we work hand in hand with your engineers and material management teams to ensure a reliable supply chain to meet the production needs of the program. NPI provides prototype and pre-production electronic assembly and box build services to validate engineering specifications and component supply chain risk assessment.

Getting new technology designed, developed, validated, tested, taught, trained, and implemented are monumental tasks for any engineering product development company or branch of the military. Safety, security, costs, and time must be calculated to measure the risk of using new technology.

NPI provides quick turn prototypes for DVT (design verification testing) of complex new electronic circuit card assembly box build subsystems.

Stop by our booth #735 at the upcoming Navy Gold Coast Show to discuss with Judy and Taylor how NPI can help you get your product to the warfighter faster.