NPI Attends IPC Designers Council Lunch and Learn Focusing on Zeta® Materials (May 14, 2013)

NPI attended the April 24th, Orange County IPC Chapter meeting where speaker Don Carron, Director of Technology at Advanced Circuits, discussed HDI Designs for High Reliability Applications. Don covered a variety of topics ranging from blind and buried vias to via-in-pad and laser microvias to basic design rules for reliable PCBs and the next generation of microvia dielectrics.

The event had a big turnout with a focused interest on Zeta® materials. Integral Technology’s Zeta® materials provide better adhesion of small diameter pads along with a thin non-e-glass dielectric layer for excellent hole formation. Additionally, Microvias of 0.002” diameter with an aspect ratio of much less than 1:1 can be achieved with Zeta® Lam. Don also noted that pads of 0.006” diameter have adhesion and avoid “pad cratering” at assembly and smaller microvia aspect ratio is possible due to the thin dielectrics. Lastly, Zeta® Lam allows significant layer count reduction in PCB’s with better signal performance.

Contact NPI Services, Inc. today if your design includes the level of high reliability that can only be achieved through Zeta® materials.