Not Getting the Support You Deserve???…YOU Can Do Better! (September 18, 2013)

If you’ve ever been told: “I’m sorry, but your prototype order is too small to process,” then it’s time to change your Contract Manufacturing (CM) partner. Return on Investment (ROI) drives the success of every company regardless of industry or product offered. We all seek the best return on our investments, and in the case of Electronic Contract Manufacturers, internal manufacturing resources are their commodity of value on which ROI is based. That’s why so many opt to maximize their ROI by supporting volume production opportunities over small R&D prototype and low production runs. A shortsighted view? Not entirely, as it all depends on how each CM is structured.

The business model of a large or even medium-sized CM can vary greatly from that of a much smaller CM. Many customers today still assume “Bigger is Better”, but when it comes to choosing the right manufacturing partner, that’s simply not the case. What’s important is where YOU fit into your CM’s business model. Start-ups, complex product manufacturers, and others requiring low volume manufacturing support, just can’t offer the ROI needed by a large scale CM operation operating on single-digit profit margins.

NPI Services, a woman-owned small business, is uniquely positioned to support R&D prototype and low volume production requirements…and yes, we happily support 1 piece orders! NPI offers its customers a personalized support experience, coupled with a full suite of manufacturing services that include PCB layout design, PCB fabrication, component procurement, and world-class assembly. Other specialized services such as functional tests, environmental tests,  and precision machining, are available upon request. NPI’s AS9100, ISO 9001 certifications (soon to include ISO 13485) show our commitment to ensuring the best possible support experience. So get the ROI that YOU deserve by contacting NPI Services today!