Medical Electronics Power Your Health

Cutting edge medical technology is radically changing the way medical professionals diagnose, monitor, and treat patients. Additionally, patients are empowered to monitor their own healthcare conditions, and participate in their treatment. Medical electronics that power your health are a big part of this technology. Innovations include USB-powered patch clamp devices with minimal footprints, optimized for a simple, uncluttered lab, and smart, flexible, portable home dialysis machines. Invasive spinal surgeries—from the most routine to the most complicated—have been revolutionized by smaller, connected surgical tools, restoring alignment and mobility to thousands of people suffering from degenerative diseases and deformities. Advances in optical device technology have transformed approaches to monitoring ocular diseases and correcting vision problems. Such technology would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

These are just a handful of hundreds of examples of how electronic devices empower us to take better care of our health. This list could go on and on. These tools, instruments, machines, and devices are powered by advanced controller boards like those from NPI Services, Inc., a leader in providing electronic manufacturing services in defense, aerospace, transportation, industrial, wireless, energy, and medical technologies.

Products delivered by NPI Services can handle the most extreme environments and work efficiently in the most challenging of conditions. For medical electronics, the challenges may include operating with high levels of radiation, moisture, and temperature changes. Also, electronics must work with a variety of mixed technologies, and fit into smaller and smaller form factors.

NPI Services has the experience and expertise to manufacture electronic sub-system solutions for highly sensitive technologies that must perform reliably under the most rigorous conditions. Plus, NPI has excelled in supporting the quick turn of assembly requirements for R&D engineering prototypes, preproduction, and low volume scheduled production since 1989.

Contact NPI Services to discuss the specifications for your medical technology projects. As an ISO 13485 certified provider of electronic manufacturing services, we will be at Booth 3296 at Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West, February 11-13, 2020, at the Anaheim Convention Center. We invite you to stop by and discuss your needs in person.

MD&M is the world’s largest medical design and manufacturing event. While MD&M is the primary expo, four other major expositions feature automation technology, packaging, and other design and manufacturing. In every previous year, we have made new contacts and clients from a variety of industries. We hope to see you there!