Material Management / Kitting Service

The Challenge:

Quick Turnaround for Small-Quantity Kits

The Challenge:                     Quick Turnaround for Small-Quantity Kits

The NPI Solution:

A company focused on quickly solving and expediting electronic component supply chain constraints. Any manufacturer can produce a million units. But what if you only need 1,000 or just 1? You’ve come to the right place.

NPI specializes in quick turn efficiency by preparing full electro-mechanical component kits ready for SMT production lines and final box build system integrations for you and/or your production contact manufacturers.  We:

  • Prepare each custom component kit with proper labeling and attrition for auto-placement.
  • Determine and source substitutes for components with long lead-times.
  • Deliver electronic supporting documents for complete component COO traceability.

Let us worry about the details

Your priority is quarterly production deliverables to meet shareholder objectives, which means
you are far too busy to process engineering purchase orders quickly.

NPI takes the hassle out of supporting your innovative engineering teams so you can focus on overall company revenue goals. Our kitting service takes care of all the details:

  • Buying, receiving, inspecting, labeling, and packaging the specific components per your BOM / AVL (bill of materials / approved vendor list).
  • Maintaining your 10-year quality records electronically to comply with QMS (quality management system) record retention policies.

NPI added value

NPI project managers focus solely on delivering effective, reliable component kits within requested timelines by:

  • Providing BOM analysis / BOM scrubbing.
  • Alerting you if your BOM contains obsolete parts and suggesting replacements.
  • Ensuring environmental requirements (like RoHS or lead-free) are met.
  • Identifying and flagging components with a large MOQ (minimum order quantity).
  • Investigating alternative suppliers.
  • Validating your supply chain for future production demand.
  • Alerting you of LTB (last time buy) and EOL (end of life) dates.

Get to market faster

No need to wait for production size MOQs to build your product. NPI supply chain economists are experts at sourcing just enough partial components to build your minimal requirements. Prior to assembly, NPI component kits are audited to meet the following guidelines wherever possible:

  • Supply SMT passives (caps / resistors) in reel or cut the tape with min 4 ½” leader (5”-6” when possible).
  • Deliver SMT ICs in tubes / tray / cut tape (min 4 ½” leader).
  • Provide connectors in tube / tray if available, otherwise, loose in OEM bags.
  • Supply thru-hole components loose in bags and in good condition (straight leads, etc.).

We ensure your production-ready BOMs have correct part numbers, no description discrepancies, and alternate sourcing defined and submitted for your approval to get your products to market before your competitors.

Benefits of NPI Kitting Service

  • Reduce operation overhead costs by consolidating multiple POs into one full turnkey PO
  • Simplify R&D development tax credit deductions with full turnkey POs to NPI
  • Reduce material, manufacturing, and product costs
  • Supply chain manage and procure critical custom ASICs per your prototype-to-production schedule
  • Maintain records per AS9100 material management QMS lot/date code for10 year retention requirements
  • Provide detailed material risk assessments per line item for:
    • Package/footprint options
    • Component specifications/alternatives
  • Track real-time updated or obsolete part numbers and OEM name changes
  • Convert BOM / AVL part numbers to RoHS-compliant part numbers
  • BGA reballing of RoHS devices to meet tin-lead requirements
  • Provide BOM / ECO configuration change management
  • Develop strategic vendors
  • Coordinate custom parts specifications with OEMs
  • Label and package all components per ESD (electrostatic discharge) compliance
  • Include NPI component kit status reports
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