M&As, Re-Orgs, Downsizing – Who’s Managing Your Product Supply Chain? (April 8, 2013)

For the past seven years NPI has supported the production of a Navy subsystem assembly for a major government prime contractor. Most clients and colleagues know NPI for our quick turn prototype and low volume electronic assemblies. In this particular instance the annual demand for the product did not justify moving the program from NPI to a top tier production contract manufacturer. Despite the contractor’s multiple mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, supply chain staff attrition and corporate downsizing, NPI continued to provide real-time supply chain material reports to the transition teams.

As the years went by the Navy product experienced an integrated circuit end of life (EOL) announcement. We were sympathetic to the supply chain and engineering teams; they were informed about the possible EOL device, but had no authority to forecast beyond the “system demand” for the product. The NPI Project Manager highlighted the EOL issue for three years and based on our relationship and the longevity of this program, we made a conscious decision to buy a reel of franchised distribution stock prior to the last time buy date.

The supply chain manager was elated to learn that NPI will continue to meet its 2013 requirement. He was informed again that product demand beyond 2013 will require NPI’s re-design services to build a form, fit and function compatible product. NPI Project Managers are dedicated to providing exceptional customer care and the case above is another example of why NPI customers keep coming back for great service.