Labeling PCBAs – NPI’s ZEBRA ZT410 Supports Barcode, MAC Address, IEEE Labels and More!

Properly labeling PCBAs (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies) will save you headaches in the long run, enabling you to identify part number and revision levels, and maintain date/lot code traceability. Labeling requirements are often the last thing on a design team’s mind during the PCB design stage. However, it is worth your time to include labeling considerations early on. Whether you are in the prototype, pre-production or production stage of the design process, labeling PCBAs is crucial for timely resolution of quality issues, recalling boards, and performing root cause analysis.

NPI Services, Inc. is here to help you prevent common labeling pitfalls and help meet all of your quality and schedule requirements.

Common pitfalls include:

  1. Specifying a label material on the Bill of Material (BOM) that will not withstand the operating environment of the PCBA (consider epoxy ink stamp as an alternative);
  2. Installing bar code labels that will not scan (here at NPI we perform scan testing before applying);
  3. Installing labels that are not readable;
  4. Using poorly printed labels that smear/smudge during the lifetime of the product;
  5. Failure to meet industry standard requirements such as for space, medical, and down-drilling applications;
  6. Not leaving enough real estate on the cable or PCBA for labels to be installed (!)

Label headaches got you down? NPI Services, Inc. supports your requirements for labeling PCBAs, as well as Cable Assemblies and Box Builds. NPI’s Zebra ZT410 printer is the perfect solution for bar code labels, MAC Address labels, IEEE labels, product ID labels, pallet labels, serial numbers, date/lot code identification, revision labels, and more! Send us your label specifications (label part number, size and assembly drawing with label locations) when sending a Request for Quote (RFQ) and NPI will take care of everything. When Quick Turn Matters! Call NPI Services, Inc.