ISO 13485 Certification…NPI’s Newest Frontier! (August 29, 2013)

NPI’s President, Judy Greenspon (center), one of several BIOCOM Expo judges, meets an exhibitor to discuss their medical technology

NPI’s ISO 13485 certification is in its final stage of approval. The medical industry continues to grow rapidly, fueled by ever increasing advances in technology. Start-up medical device and diagnostic manufacturers in need of prototype development and manufacturing support are finding NPI Services to be an ideal support partner. NPI brings critical support in all aspects of product development, allowing their entrance into the medical market in the shortest time.

As an exhibitor at this week’s BIOCOM’s Medical Device & Diagnostics EXPO 2013, NPI had the opportunity to meet and offer its services to numerous medical device start-up manufacturers, many introducing both revolutionary and life-changing products. See below several examples of products offered by exhibiting medical device manufacturers that both aid and enhance the quality of human life…

  •      • The world’s first scientifically proven noninvasive medical device that allows fibromyalgia patients to treat their own widespread body pain from a single convenient treatment point.

• A medical device for treating patients with slow-healing wounds, initially diabetic foot ulcers, and bed sores.

• A platform for comprehensive vital signs monitoring designed to keep clinicians connected to their patients, whether in or out of bed, or while in transport.

NPI is committed to supporting all industry segments, particularly the medical industry, as it continues its pursuit to enhance the quality of life for all. If your current or future product development requires an ISO 13485 electronic prototype development partner, contact NPI Services today.