Is Your Component’s Shoe on the Wrong “Foot”-print? (February 11, 2013)

To err is human, but that doesn’t ease the pain when the assembly house calls with news that a component can’t be placed because its package footprint is different than what is depicted within the Gerber files. Many companies today have in-house CAD software allowing their engineers to design and produce Gerber files for PCB fabrication. The vast majority of PCB layout designs are error-free and assembly with fabricated PCBs is successful without incident. It is those occasional times when a BOM part number change introduces a different footprint and the Gerber files are not updated when issues arise. The outcome can be a simple assembly rework forcing a fit, but it can also end in requiring another PCB fab re-spin . . . a more costly outcome.

NPI can help you avoid such unexpected cost impacts with our newest CAD service offering, “footprint-package confirmation.” NPI’s experienced CAD team will carefully review your Gerber files comparing its data against BOM component footprints to confirm a layout match exists. Pricing is based on the level of layout review requested ranging from basic footprint confirmation to detailed IPC-7351B spec conformance. NPI’s goal is to provide customers the upmost confidence that footprint mismatch issues are a thing of the past. Call NPI today . . . you bring challenges, we bring solutions!