From DC to Light (OK, 20GHz for sure) – You’ll Find NPI Services! (November 1, 2013)

With a focus on Antenna and Microwave Technology, last week’s annual CLASTECH Symposium and Exhibition (presented by the IEEE Coastal LA Section), was a perfect forum for NPI to exhibit its capabilities. Attending and exhibiting at the CLASTECH Symposium highlights NPI’s commitment in supporting all R&D prototype designs, regardless of where they fall within the frequency spectrum. Starting with PWB layout services, NPI’s experienced CAD team routinely works at frequencies of up to 20 GHz. Once Gerbers are generated, NPI offers PWB fabrication utilizing the appropriate material options, i.e.: Rogers/Nelco, ensuring signal integrity requirements are met. By employing ENIG or ENEPIG PWB finishes (or a combination of both), NPI covers all bases of assembly from installing ultra-fine pitch BGAs and 01005 passives to wire bonding discrete semiconductor die and RF/u-wave filters.So whether your design is low frequency or in the Ku band, NPI can support your prototype build. Call NPI Services, Inc. today!