Flying High with AS9100

NPI is flying high as we’ve passed our AS9100 surveillance audit without a non-conformance of any kind. Here at NPI, we have invested in developing our quality system to align with the standards defined in AS9100. They go above and beyond ISO 9001 and include standards for project management, risk management, and production process verification (among others). Our customers in the aviation, space, and defense industries appreciate that our project management and manufacturing exceed their expectations.

As many of you in the aerospace and defense industries know, the most recent release of AS9100 (Rev D) occurred in 2016 and NPI has taken every change in stride, passing every audit since. We take pride in our operations and when you trust your business with NPI, you can rest assured that we are compliant with the most current industry best practices. 

As a small business, the fact that our actions as individuals have an impact on the company has permeated throughout the whole organization. This parallels many of the additions to the 2016 Rev D. The additional focus on the awareness of the individual’s contribution to quality and the additional consideration of human factors in conformity are a natural fit for a smaller, more personal, business.

NPI has been operating since before AS9100 debuted in 1999. Fast forward over twenty years and we are still at it, continuously improving by overhauling our quality management system by unifying our programs into a single intuitive, user friendly program designed to provide you with the fastest possible customer service. Big changes are coming, but as always NPI Services is your trusted partner for quick turn electronic manufacturing services.