Happy Engineers Week 2020 from NPI and the Presidents!

Presidents Day, a federal holiday falling on the third Monday of February, is still officially called “Washington’s Birthday.” Additionally, National Engineers Week commemorates the birthday of George Washington. Born February 22, 1732, Washington is regarded as the nation’s first engineer, renowned for his land surveying, drafting, and map-making skills. We at NPI Services, Inc. salute engineers, who are so vital to progress and safety, and who form the core of our esteemed clientele.

This photo, from the National Park Service gallery, illustrates a laser scanning project at Mount Rushmore. Besides our first engineer and president, the monument features Abraham Lincoln (pictured), Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt. President Lincoln held a patent for his invention to lift boats over shoals and obstructions in a river. Thomas Jefferson’s multi-disciplinary skills included surveying, mechanics, and architecture. Teddy Roosevelt actively presided during the Progressive Era, which included the Efficiency Movement, modernizing society and the economy using science, medical advances, and engineering. He famously expedited the construction of the Panama Canal. Thus the monument at Mount Rushmore, besides being itself a great feat of engineering, is a fitting image for National Engineers Week.

Unlike the monument on Mount Rushmore, engineering is not set in stone. Advances in technology have created new roles in engineering from the molecular and cellular levels to global and astronomical scope. Engineers and scientists seek solutions to issues of creating and maintaining an environment of health, safety, and well-being for the entire planet. NPI Services is proud to support scholars and STEM education to advance these goals. During National Engineers Week, industry and other organizations promote engineering and science careers to students at colleges, high schools, and even elementary schools. The classic aspiration that a youth “grow up to be President” might be improved to hope that a young person grow up to be President, or an engineer – or both!

Happy Engineers Week from all of us at NPI Services, Inc., at your service When Quick Turn Matters!

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