Electronic Prototype Assembly…NOT for Every CM (November 21, 2013)

When it comes to production of electronic based consumer products, volume contract manufacturers (CMs) are the “go-to” solution for many companies today. By “turning-on-the-switch” of their volume production lines, such CMs can manufacture tens to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of electronic assemblies per month. Market pricing pressures, however, restrict CMs to razor-thin margins, so once that production line switch is turned on, volume based CMs don’t like turning it off. For high volume builds, a CM’s profit is driven solely from the volume they can maintain. So if you bring your 5 pc prototype requirement, with the carrot of “millions to follow” to a medium to large scale CM, they will definitely service your needs, but realize it’s ONLY because they expect volume to follow in the future.

So what if you’re not designing a consumer product, or for that matter, any product where volume production will not follow your need for a handful of prototypes? The answer is stark and simple…volume-based CMs will simply ignore you!!

That is why specialty companies such as NPI Services exist and flourish, as we are the right choice for small to medium sized business today. Structured to support low volume production, and even 1 pc R&D prototype requirements, NPI offers a wealth of services that even large CMs choose not to offer. Starting with schematic capture and PCB layout, NPI offers a full suite of standard electronic assembly services to accommodate whatever needs a customer may require or desire. They include PCB fabrication, kitting, assembly, followed by a functional test. Each are available separately or combined, for a full turnkey solution. NPI also offers several specialty services such as box builds (system integration), conformal coating, mechanical/electrical design, and environmental and analytical test, with a focus on reliability assessment (HALT/HASS/HAST) and chemical testing (WEEE/RoHS compliance).

NPI’s message is clear…a small order is still a big deal to NPI Services. So, if you’re tired of being ignored or poorly serviced by your current CM, and “when quick turn matters,” call NPI Services today!