Electrical Design Support Services

electrical design

Case study: The Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet combat jet

Talk about challenges! A retrofit project for the F/A-18 Super Hornet combat jet was the ultimate HDI PCB design and layout challenge, requiring expertise in ultra-dense layout and routing skills. That, NPI Services, Inc. can provide.

High-end PCB pin count designs typically feature 250-300 pins/sq. in. For this board, our CAD service team was tasked with packing 600 pins/sq. in. The layout also involved “pins on top of pins” and a myriad of 20+ layer stackups.

The result was the “Picasso” of PCB design.

Once the layout is completed, our project management team uses extensive supply chain relationships to fabricate the PCB to the latest Mil-Spec standards, procure all required components, and assemble the final product in record time.

Electrical Design Support Capabilities

Few electronic manufacturing services companies can match our electrical design support capabilities. NPI Services, Inc. works with:

High-Speed Digital & RF Design

  • Circuit design and analysis
  • DFM (design for manufacturing)
  • DFT (design for testability)
  • Component selection and analysis
  • SI (signal integrity) analysis
  • PCB design guidelines development
  • Standard and regulatory compliance engineering

Analog Design

  • Data acquisition and conversion (ADC and DAC)
  • Power supplies (DC-to-DC)
  • PLLs
  • Signal shaping and conditioning
  • Analog simulation

Embedded Software / Firmware

  • Firmware architecture development and processor selection
  • Coding and testing
  • Hardware/firmware integration
  • Firmware/software integration

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