Don’t Let Obsolete Parts Sink Your Production Schedule (February 25, 2013)

Let NPI Prevent Obsolete and End of Life Parts from Affecting Your Supply Chain. NPI offers a supply chain service for customers in search of technology road maps for their Bill of Materials (BOMs). One of the main problems customers experience is Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) not properly notifying them of product End of Life (EOL) / Life Time Buy (LTB) notices. This miscommunication causes production shortages that force companies to make design changes, creating unexpected re-qualification costs and schedule slips. Through NPI’s proactive approach to supply chain management customers are well aware of any product obsolescence issues months and even years in advance.

Send NPI your BOMs and we will work with your OEMs to confirm part numbers are valid and not at risk of going obsolete / EOL. We will provide information on replacement parts available for any obsolete parts. Don’t let obsolete parts hold up your supply chain. Call NPI Services, Inc. today to order an updated EOL part validation report on all of your BOMs.