Code Blue! Code Blue! (January 16, 2013)

When a startup medical company experienced problems in producing their next generation of products, they immediately called upon NPI Services to resuscitate their critical care devices and bring them back to life. NPI was contracted to build product under severe time constraints and demanding medical product specifications. Erik Dieckhoff, NPI’s Business Development Manager handling the account expressed: “It’s always a tall task when a client with signs of desperation calls and product builds are needed STAT!”

A key deliverable in the customer’s product line was a flex-circuit that had random de-lamination issues during SMT reflow. NPI’s assembly operation reviewed and identified what process variations were needed to cure the de-lamination problem. After the customer approved the first article the balance of the boards were delivered ahead of schedule.

NPI once again, in this case to its medical customer, came through delivering quick turn prototypes under the timeframe required and to specification. Yet another happy new client walks away with the prognosis of being turned into a long term customer.