The ULTIMATE in BGA rework…resistance to NPI is FUTILE!

When BGA rework is required, NPI’s assembly team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the job gets done quickly, correctly, and most of all, reliably.

Case in point: An Ersa IR/PL 650 BGA rework station was recently put online at NPI’s assembly operation. Not impressed yet?…well, read on!

The IR/PL 650 is Ersa’s flagship rework machine that offers the highest degree of automation and was specifically designed for large (460 x 560 mm /18″ x 22″) and complex PCBs. The DynamicIR Heating Technology has 9 programmable top & bottom heating zones boasting a total of 4,600 W of power. Precise, easy to use, motorized Auto Pick & Place affords the highest quality placement. The IR/PL 650 requires the least operator dependence and thus guarantees a stable and repeatable rework process for all applications.

The IR/PL 650 allows placement, soldering, and rework of even the highest-density printed circuit boards. Soldered board heating is accomplished with a 5-zone bottom heater and 4-zone infrared top heating head with adjustable irradiated area size. The soldering profiles are fully programmable; their precise following is ensured by feedback (measurement of real temperature) in up to 5 points on the board simultaneously. The reflow process can be watched in real time with a high-magnification video camera. Manipulation and precise placement of larger components (BGA, TQPF, QFN etc.) is done with the help of pick-and-place arm with split-optic positioning system. Important parameters of this rework machine include:

•  Reworked board dimensions: up to 560 x 460 mm.
•  Board movement: manual in horizontal X-Y table, laser targeting of soldered component.
•  Bottom heater: infrared, 5 zones, up to 3200 W of thermal power.
•  Top soldering head: infrared, 4 zones, up to 1600 W of thermal power.
•  Real board temperature sensors: 1 infrared, 4 thermocouples.
•  Component removal tweezers: vacuum, integrated in soldering head, semi-automatic operation.
•  Reflow process inspection camera: 3.2 Mpixel, up to 300x zoom (25x optical, 12x digital), integrated light source, automatic and manual focus, mounted on a mechanical arm for easy setup.
•  Pick-and-place arm: component-vs-board accuracy of up to 0.01 mm, pre-defined placement pressure (2 to 3 N), automated pick and release of component from its vacuum tweezers.

Gone are the days of BGA rework using convection heating. NPI’s assembly operation understands the vast benefit of IR heating coupled with accurate measurements. Maintaining the correct set profile based on actual board and component temperatures now is standard fare. Don’t let the Borg (if you’re a Trekkie) assimilate you anywhere else! Save yourself and call NPI Services, Inc. for all your rework and standard quick turn electronic assembly needs.