AWS D17.1 Aerospace Fusion Welding, Quick Turn Precision Machining? Call NPI Services (May 22, 2013)

NPI Services, Southern California’s premier quick turn prototype/high mix/low volume EMS provider, recently expanded its precision machining service to include AWS D17.1 aerospace fusion welding. AWS D17.1 certification encompasses both groove and fillet welds. Class A full penetration groove welds for flight hardware require the highest level of nondestructive examination (NDE) to meet D17.1 standards. Visual examination by a Certified Weld Inspector, penetrant examination, and 100% radiographic examination are all included in D17.1’s NDE requirement. Low margins of error, exacerbated by conditions frequently encountered in aerospace industry operations, make aerospace welding a particularly difficult field of welding.

NPI takes on all your machining challenges, including quick turn requirements, and provides the best possible solution to its customers. Precision machining accompanies NPI’s core services of PCB layout/fabrication, full turnkey electronic assembly, and test.

Example of fillet weld.