ASIC & SoC Development Boards Supported by NPI (October 24, 2013)

Exhibiting at the 11th International SoC Conference, NPI Services is reaching out to ASIC and SoC manufacturers. Once their custom IC is fabricated, NPI stands ready to support their follow-on chip validation phase. Offering full turn-key support that includes PCB layout and PCB fabrication, component procurement, and assembly services, NPI can quickly deliver development boards needed to “wring out the bugs” of newly introduced ICs.

Times have changed, and today, potential customers of ASIC and SoC manufacturers have neither time nor the engineering resources to design circuitry that fully exercises and validates a newly offered IC’s capabilities. The burden of showing off the “latest and greatest” feature set, including performance attributes of an IC today, requires manufacturers themselves to offer customized reference boards to each industry segment that might utilize their chip. Such a need requires multiple design spins assembled on a quick-turn basis, and that’s where NPI Services steps in.

NPI’s long history and wealth of experience in quick-turn delivery of both development and reference boards has proven invaluable to IC manufacturers. It’s well known that a fast time-to-market reference design win translates directly to increased market share and profits. Join NPI’s satisfied customer list which includes companies such as Intel, Emulex, Mindspeed, and Maxim. Let NPI raise YOUR bottom line by utilizing our quick turn manufacturing capabilities…call NPI today!