Are you prepared to attend the In-Person MD&M West 2021 trade show in Anaheim August 10th-12th?

Earlier this spring as more people became vaccinated, they began to travel and socialize. It felt like we were moving forward.  Sporting events, art shows, concerts, county fairs and now international tradeshows, like the MD&M West in Anaheim are attracting crowds.  Some businesses are bringing workers back into the office while others like NPI are adapting a new hybrid model to meet the needs of today’s digital workers and retain key employees.

At NPI we follow the science, CDC and EDD to protect ourselves, clients, and our daily front line shipping partners just as we performed throughout the Pandemic.  Our systems, team and vast network of suppliers proved that together we can deliver to the ESSENTIAL medical clients that depend on our full turnkey medical device product development services.

Throughout the COVID Pandemic creative solutions were being developed by some of the most innovative pharmaceutical and surgical robotics companies in the world.  Just look at the record speed that the vaccines were produced, tested, and scaled to meet the extreme demand from all over the world.  None of that could have happened without huge investment in R&D.

NPI brings 24 years of electrical engineering system design and manufacturing services to many engineering hardware research teams.  Let NPI’s experienced project managers help your team expedite the external control units that operate your AI & AR surgical robotic solutions.

This year’s show Keynote Title is:      Artificial Intelligence is Transforming — Or Is It? 

Join many other MedTech professionals as they exchange ideas with industry thought leaders who drive AI & AR innovation in imaging, controls, diagnostics etc. Expand your supply chain exploring the isles of amazing new products, material, packages, and manufacturing partners, like NPI Services, Inc.  A trusted partner When Quick Turn Matters for many medical device start-ups who require ISO 13485 certified manufacturing services.

Come on out for professional development and cool promotional giveaways, grab your masks, and enjoy the MD&M West Show on us!


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