Accelerate R&D Prototyping with SOLUTION Based Assembly (October 10, 2013)

For R&D builds, nothing frustrates program management more than hearing a contract manufacturer (CM) say: “Prototype delivery will be 8-10 weeks…component lead-times”, or worse: “Can’t identify items on the BOM, part numbers are incomplete.” Many production CMs’ purchasing departments excel at volume runs with clean BOMs, but fall short when faced with the challenges of quick turn R&D prototype BOMs, or even just time-to-market builds. That’s when contract assembly service companies like NPI Services, Inc. (NPI) are truly needed.

Focused on supporting R&D prototype and low volume production requirements, NPI understands that R&D BOMs aren’t squeaky clean nor are they free of component lead-time issues. Rather than just reporting back bad news, NPI’s highly trained project managers task themselves with finding alternate part numbers to lead-time components, verify incomplete part numbers, and clearly identify all description discrepancies. What stands out most of all, is NPI offers ALL of this added value to customers at no cost!

Known at NPI as “open issues”, solutions are compiled within an Excel spreadsheet and submitted to customers with NPI’s quotation. Upon customer review and approval, NPI’s “open issues” solutions ensure the absolute quickest build time is achieved.

If you’re tired of your production CM’s inability to support quick turn R&D builds, let NPI close YOUR open issues. Join our growing list of satisfied customers…call NPI today!