A Day to Remember at DigiKey: Celebrating 36 Years of Partnership

In 1987, my journey with DigiKey began, a relationship built on trust and quality. Fast forward to October 6, 2023, and I had the incredible opportunity to visit their state-of-the-art facility in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, and connect with the people who make DigiKey special.

A Legacy of Excellence and Community Commitment:What’s truly impressive is that DigiKey remains privately owned by its founder, Ronald Stordahl for the past 50 years. Together with current president, Dave Doherty their commitment to providing employment opportunities, expanding their local footprint and investment in state-of-the-art automation are admirable and highlight their dedication to long-term local business development. The tour of the DigiKey facility left me in awe, with miles of conveyor belts moving an astonishing number of electronic components. Their scale of operation is a sight to behold. This brings great comfort to customers like NPI who depend on a reliable supply chain of electronic components.

Faces Behind the Brand and Empowering Women in Electronics:
During my visit, I had the privilege of meeting the exceptional individuals who personify DigiKey’s commitment to excellence. Melissa Rux has taken exceptional care of Team NPI for the past 11 years; it was nice to thank her in person for such outstanding customer service.  I was delighted to meet so many empowered women and learn of the substantial support Digikey provides for Women in Electronics.  Special thanks to Linda Jonson, Laurie Burns, Laura Rude for the engaging discussion and very warm welcome.


A Memorable Day and A Toast to DigiKey:

My day at DigiKey was a memorable one, packed with exciting activities. Lunch at the Two Rivers Café was delightful, and DigiKey thoughtfully gifted me a sweatshirt, notebook, thermal cup, and a bottle of DigiKey Spice. To cap off this incredible day, I joined Melissa and a group of co-workers from DigiKey at the local Black Cat for a relaxing and enjoyable happy hour. A good time was had by all!

My visit to DigiKey wasn’t just a visit; it was a celebration of a partnership that has thrived for 36 years. DigiKey’s commitment to excellence, community, and innovation continues to shine brightly. As I reflect on this remarkable experience, I am grateful for their unwavering support and the opportunity to celebrate many years of exceptional service. Here’s to DigiKey, a true leader in the electronics industry!

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