NPI’s PCB CAD designers have a wealth of experience in PCB layout design with technological expertise that includes High Speed Digital, RF, Analog, Mixed Signals, Backplanes, Flex Circuits, and Power Supplies. PCB layout design can be achieved through multiple CAD and PCB layout software platforms that include Cadence Allegro, Mentor Expedition, and Altium Designer.

NPI’s utmost concern is PCB Design for Manufacturability (DFM). As such, NPI’s PCB CAD service ownership includes ensuring that all PCB design parameters match the capabilities and recommendations of the chosen PCB manufacturer to ensure successful high quality manufacture of your quick turn PCB prototype or product.

Please send the following when requesting a quote:

1. Board size
2. Schematics
3. Bill of Materials (BOM)
4. Any special instructions or restrictions such as: height restrictions, keep-out zones, number of layers, high current and/or high voltage

NPI’s CAD Services include all of the following:

  • PCB Layout
  • Schematic Capture
  • Netlist Input
  • Netlist Conversions
  • Auto and Interactive Routing
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Signal Noise Analysis
  • Line Characteristics Analysis
  • Test Points Creation
  • PCB Data Base Conversions
  • GERBER to CAD Regeneration

NPI’s CAD deliverables can include:

  • Complete CAD Data Base
  • Gerber Files
  • ODB++
  • NC Drill Tapes
  • Full Fabrication and Assembly Documentation
  • Standard and Customized Reports
  • Input to Automatic Assembly and Test Equipment
  • Laser Plotted Artwork

NPI’s CAD capabilities cover all industry segments:

  • Commercial (IPC-2221)
  • Military (Mil-Std-275)
  • Back Planes
  • Power Supplies/Servo
  • High Speed Digital
  • Analog/Low Voltage
  • Mixed Signals
  • RF

NPI’s CAD designers are experts in the following technologies:


  • Multi Layer
  • Double Sided
  • Blind/Buried Vias
  • Surface Mount Technology
  • Fine Line
  • Flexible/Rigid Boards
  • Multichip Modules

NPI’s CAD designers ensure that rule driven design is maintained on all layout designs for performance and signal integrity. Issues receiving special and professional care are:

  • Board Materials
  • Layers Order, Line Distribution, & Topology
  • Impedance Control (Single Ended & Differential)
  • Routing Sequence
  • Termination
  • Cross Talk Avoidance
  • Shielding and Decoupling
  • Signal Length Control and Matching

Both reliability and cost concerns drive NPI’s CAD designers to emphasize design for manufacturability with special attention throughout design to details such as:

  • Reduce Number of Layers
  • Reduce Number of Vias
  • Reduce Number of holes Sizes and Via Types
  • Accurate Land Pattern Generation
  • Parts Placement and Routing Appropriate to the Assembly and Reflow Methods used
  • Ongoing Cooperation with selected PCB Manufacturer