Component kitting reduces your material handling and processing times during manufacturing of a product or assembly by packaging all the needed components together. This pre-processing may be performed in-house, but can be quite costly. Savvy makers know that by contracting their component kitting, they can reduce costs in several ways. First, procurement of an entire bill of materials (BOM) with possibly hundreds of components and dozens of purchase orders may be completed with a single purchase order.(!) Next, component kitting simplifies inventory monitoring, reducing it to a single kit instead of a multitude of parts. Finally, other savings are realized according to circumstances. Components with varied lead-times may be purhased and delivered together at the time they are needed. This can result in a considerable savings! Simplifying the process reduces costly risks from unforeseen schedule conflicts, missing critical parts due to inventory errors, or coordination issues.

A single purchase order to NPI Services Inc. (NPI) is an excellent value, bringing you all the benefits of contract component kitting, and MORE.

NPI Services Inc.(NPI) engages in quick turn efficiency by preparing full component kits ready for auto-placement on production lines both for our customers and our customers’ production contract manufacturers. NPI Services prepares each custom component kit with proper attrition for auto-placement. NPI will determine and find available substitutes for components neither in stock nor readily available. Our customers depend on our experience and expertise, combined with quality management procedures, for great service!

Because the sole focus of NPI’s Project Managers is to deliver effective and reliable component kits within the requested timeline, we provide BOM analysis and BOM scrubbing in the process. NPI ensures that environmental requirements are met, such as RoHS or Lead-free. NPI will identify and report projected lead-time estimates for production, and provide an alternate if possible. We identify and flag components with a large Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), and investigate alternative suppliers. We check for EOL/Life Cycle/Risk alerts from the manufacturer regarding their future production plans that impact your project or production. NPI alerts you of Last Time Buy (LTB) and End of Life (EOL) dates. If your BOM has parts that are already obsolete, we will let you know and suggest replacement parts. Component kitting by NPI Services, Inc. gives you added value!

Your “scrubbed” BOM, now with correct part numbers, no description discrepancies, and alternate sourcing defined and submitted for approval, gives you both a production-ready BOM and the ability to get your products to market before any of your competitors! Just call us for the advantage our expert component kitting services deliver!

Component Kitting Service Benefits:

  • Omit operation overhead cost for prototyping

  • Reduce product, build, and material costs

  • All parts are labeled and ESD package compliant

  • All projects come with an NPI component kit status report

  • Convert BOM/AVL part numbers to RoHS compliant part numbers

  • Reball RoHS BGAs to accommodate tin lead requirement

  • Track incorrect or obsolete part numbers

  • Develop strategic vendors

  • Coordinate custom parts specifications with OEMs

  • Track vendor part numbers/name changes

  • Provide package/footprint options and component specifications/ alternatives

Prior to delivery, NPI’s component kits are audited to meet the following guidelines wherever possible:


  • SMT passives (caps/resistors) will be supplied in reel (or cut tape) with min 4 ½ ” leader (5”-6” when possible)

  • SMT I.C.s will be delivered in tubes/tray/cut tape (min 4 ½” leader)

  • Connectors will be in tube/tray if available, otherwise, loose in bags

  • Thru-hole components will be supplied loose in bags and in good condition (straight leads, etc.)