When engineering directors need to justify resources for “new product development” they know they can count on NPI to provide budgetary cost data to launch the requisition to begin a program. These IRAD (Independent Research and Development) programs require ROM (Rough Order of Magnitude) estimates so management can allocate scarce engineering resources to meet company objectives.  NPI is capable of reviewing preliminary data and based on client history and relationship; we can provide an accurate speculative analysis to help engineering management support the resources they need to successfully develop and launch new products.

NPI can also provide clients with mass production quotation analysis and cost reduction strategies with OEM direct and/or franchised distribution volume price quotations based on client forecasts. Supply chain economics and electronic component evolution are constantly changing and driving pricing. NPI understands the timing and implementation strategies necessary to accomplish competitive cost reductions.

NPI’s connection to the electronic component marketplace can give clients an economic advantage when bringing new products to market.  We work with engineering teams and manufacturing managers to provide supply chain management solutions that reduce costs and ensure that BOM/AVLs are clearly defined (and aligned) with cost reduction strategies.

Supply Chain Analysis Benefits

  • Component Cost Data

  • Product Availability Data

  • Incorrect/Obsolete Part Number Solutions

  • Circuit Comparative Cost Analysis

  • Strategic Vendor Relationships

  • EOL “End of Life” Analysis on Mature Products