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From DC to Light (OK, 20GHz for sure) – You’ll Find NPI Services! (November 1, 2013)

  With a focus on Antenna and Microwave Technology, last week’s annual CLASTECH Symposium and Exhibition (presented by the IEEE Coastal LA Section), was a perfect forum for NPI to exhibit its capabilities. Attending and exhibiting at the CLASTECH Symposium highlights NPI’s commitment in supporting all R&D prototype designs, regardless of where they fall within…

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Accelerate R&D Prototyping with SOLUTION Based Assembly (October 10, 2013)

For R&D builds, nothing frustrates program management more than hearing a contract manufacturer (CM) say: “Prototype delivery will be 8-10 weeks…component lead-times”, or worse: “Can’t identify items on the BOM, part numbers are incomplete.” Many production CMs’ purchasing departments excel at volume runs with clean BOMs, but fall short when faced with the challenges of…

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Experience the Benefits of Working with an AS9100 Certified Supplier (September 27, 2013)

NPI Services, an AS9100 Rev. C certified WOSB, successfully passed its annual surveillance audit conducted last week. The auditor noted: NPI’s processes are well documented and its proprietary Quality Management System (QMS) is impressive. One clear reason is the ease and accessibility of documents. Why does this auditor’s observation greatly benefit NPI’s customers? Simply, NPI’s…

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Want MAXIMUM Profits? Quick Turn Assembly Matters. (September 25, 2013)

Undoubtedly you’ve heard the phrase, “Time is Money.” It applies to all in business today. But as new technologies quickly develop, and with them new products, another phrase is just as relevant: Time is Market Share and Maximum Profit! For newly developed products, when manufacturing is outsourced, an electronic contract manufacturer (CM) can make or break your expected financial return.…

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ISO 13485 Certification…NPI’s Newest Frontier! (August 29, 2013)

NPI’s President, Judy Greenspon (center), one of several BIOCOM Expo judges, meets an exhibitor to discuss their medical technology NPI’s ISO 13485 certification is in its final stage of approval. The medical industry continues to grow rapidly, fueled by ever increasing advances in technology. Start-up medical device and diagnostic manufacturers in need of prototype development…

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Have Requirements for Chemical Testing? Call NPI Services! (August 28, 2013)

Chemical testing (WEEE/RoHS testing) is now offered by NPI Services. It’s an effective way to ensure product environmental compliance and to gain a better understanding of both your materials and processes. NPI’s chemical testing services include elemental analysis, molecular analysis, and surface analysis of contamination. The following is a list of equipment utilized in performing the various…