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Quick Turn Prototype Assemblies in an “NPI Minute” – Now That’s FAST! (June 26, 2013)

How does NPI do it?  Out of stock, long lead-time components will not just ruin your day, but absolutely kill your delivery schedule. Meet Critical Prototype Release Dates with Service in an “NPI Minute”            Let’s look at what you typically DON’T get from our competition in such situations, to start with, an alternate source solution! …


AWS D17.1 Aerospace Fusion Welding, Quick Turn Precision Machining? Call NPI Services (May 22, 2013)

NPI Services, Southern California’s premier quick turn prototype/high mix/low volume EMS provider, recently expanded its precision machining service to include AWS D17.1 aerospace fusion welding. AWS D17.1 certification encompasses both groove and fillet welds.Class A full penetration groove welds for flight hardware require the highest level of nondestructive examination (NDE) to meet D17.1 standards. Visual…