TTM tour photos

Complex Circuit Boards Field Trip Wows STEM Pupils

NPI Services, Inc., TTM Technologies, and Samueli Academy partnered to give STEM students a tour of TTM’s state-of-the-art PCB fabrication process. The tour began with an informative presentation by Julie Ellis, BSEE, TTM Field Applications Engineer, and a featured speaker for IPC events. Julie did an amazing job explaining how to manufacture complex circuit boards for such products as computers,…

Wet film gauge for Conformal Coating Thickness Measurement

Guide for Selecting Conformal Coating Solutions

When the design of a new PCB or electronic assembly is finished it’s time to consider conformal coating. The conformal coating (so-called because it conforms to the surface of the assembly) protects against hostile environmental conditions like humidity or abrasion. Such coatings are very cost-effective, and even if a design is not targeted for aerospace,…

Contemplating Robot

What to Consider before Selecting Your Electronic Manufacturing Services Provider

  Many OEM’s understand the necessity to outsource their electronic manufacturing services. We have all heard these rudimentary facts countless times. Operating with an electronic manufacturing services company minimizes your fixed costs, allows your OEM to focus on its true core competencies, increases the quality of your product, maximizes your opportunity to be first to…


Manufacturing for Space: Watch Out for “Asteroids” in Your Supply Chain

The space industry is generating a lot of buzz these days, from Scott Kelly’s return from his one-year mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS) to SpaceX’s latest mission. Technology with quality standards developed for government space and defense programs have launched an expanding commercial space industry. This new demand raises the question: What are the supply chain “asteroids”…