NPI is a prototype development company for electronic OEM’s, leading-edge startups, green power and aerospace research labs. For over 13 years NPI has been a leader in the prototype turnkey contract manufacturing services industry. The Costa Mesa, Calif., based firm is a full-service “new product introduction” company.

NPI’s in-depth knowledge of component availability in the global semiconductor marketplace allows the company to anticipate the explicit needs of engineering labs.  By specializing in: turnkey services, material analysis, purchasing, logistics and economic cost analysis, NPI can provide quick prototype turnkey development and rapid change implementation, while saving clients time and money in their development and manufacturing schedules.

NPI’s eclectic mix of engineering and economic expertise delivers true mission-critical prototypes with quick time-to-market product launches. NPI’s economists closely follow the global marketplace by monitoring semiconductor trends and developments to foresee potential supply chain constraints that may affect our clients’ program schedule.  Our insights and proactive approach helps clients find solutions before problems exist.